frequently asked questions

Q: How are you different from other discovery platforms?

A: We stay away from “picture & text” based profiles, and instead offer video profiles based on interests you share, with the ability to chat instantly with other people.

Q: What kinds of interests can I find on your app?

A: We chose the most popular interests, such as #coffee, #gym, #movies, #games, etc.

Q: What if I end up not liking someone after we have matched?

A: Simple, just delete them from “Chats”

Q: How many pictures can I put on my profile?

A: Just one, so make it count. We are focusing on videos instead of pictures, so 1 profile picture is used to reel members in, and then they can watch your profile video.

Q: I keep getting phone calls and video calls from people in my “Chats” section. How can I turn this off when I’m at work?

A: Simple, in the browser, you will see a Gear Icon. Click on that and then “Privacy” and you will be able to turn off phone calls and video calling as well as disabling your account (which makes it invisible).

Q: I love Instamour, how can I help spread the word?

A: Thanks for the compliment! Simple, tell people to download our app and create an account. Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, Subscribe to us on YouTube, Comment on our blog posts, and share our site on all of your social media pages!

More answers to come, and feel free to send us your questions too!