about us

discovering people through interests

Here at Instamour, we want to help people find friends through mutual interests. Whether you like #dogs, #wine, #movies, #yoga, or #writing, we know that finding other people with the same interests in your area can be difficult. Especially when most social networks are for people you already know.

Yes, Instamour used to be a video dating app. But after a few years of running it, our data showed that most of our users wanted to meet new friends. So we took your feedback and data to create a video discovery app. We have also streamlined the app. Now you just answer a few simple questions via video to create your profile, and watch other peoples’ videos to get to know them. If you match up based on mutual #interests, then you can send video messages, chat, and audio or video chat to make plans to meet up!

So if you like what we are doing, tell your friends about us, the more the merrier! We are working hard to add cool features to the app, and help people like yourself to find new friends someone through the power of video. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email us atfeedback@instamour.com – and tell us what’s on your mind! 

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