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why we are awesome!

Dating is tough nowadays, but so is meeting new friends!
Instamour has proven that video dating works.
Which is why we decided to open our platform up to #anything.

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unique features

On most dating or social apps, you swipe left and right on superficial pictures. You never really get to know someone’s personality. Also, people can harass each other on apps with message spam. That’s why on Instamour, not only do we make videos the main way to see people, but you can’t send messages to anyone unless they like your intro video first!

video profiles and intro videos 

See and hear people as well as introduce yourself with an introductory video message. If someone likes you then you can chat!

all genders & identities

Instamour features a wide variety of genders and identities so that no one feels left out.

Choose interests 

Now you can filter who you see on the app by choosing interests. Think #yoga, #coffee, #dogs, #movies. Then you’ll find people who like the same things!

Earn Cred

While you use Instamour you will earn Cred in the form of coins that you can spend on the app to unlock features or extend daily functions.

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Instamour is currently available for iPhone only.