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We are rebuildingour iPhone app from the ground up!

About- why we created this app?

We created Instamour to eliminate all of the issues and problems that have been plaguing online dating websites and apps for years, even decades. We focus more on serious relationships, and not the "game" aspect of certain newer "flirting" apps. We have solved the issue of legacy architecture based picture and text profiles by instead giving our members a video profile and the chance to meet someone through live video chat before meeting in person. Our platform changes the way people date because now they have a better idea of who they are meeting ahead of time. They can see if their personalities are a good fit, and if there is any chemistry via a live video chat.

Our CEO created this application out of pure frustration. He has been single most of his adult life and for the last 15 years he has been using dating websites along with in-person methods. There have always been so many problems with dating websites - for instance - a girl’s profile was amazing online but she was something completely different in person both in personality and looks. Over the past few years he would always ask potential dates: "Can we use Skype video chat right now to get to know each other better?" But most women are hesitant to give out their phone numbers let alone their Skype ID.

This is why we have created Instamour. To put an end to the picture & text profiles, and breathe new life into the world of online dating. No more picture & text profiles, and emailing back and forth, driving to meet, gas, parking, paying for unnecessary drinks & food. It's expensive, time consuming, and frustrating. With a lightning quick sign up process, video profiles, live video chat, instant chat, virtual phone calls and no more unwanted emails, your experience will be what it should be: fun, simple, personal, and private. Instamour is the future of mobile!

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Features- why this app is so awesome!

Video Profiles

See & hear potential matches before actually having a video chat so you can weed through the bad dates and find love much faster then ever before. Find out if you like their personality, their voice, or even their body through a personalized video!

Instant Chat

Emailing back and forth on dating sites can be tedious, time consuming and rarely works. Although we do include basic email messaging -with Instamour, you can instantly chat with your matches in real time!

Video Chat

How much easier would it be to have your "first date" using video chat instead of meeting in public, spending time and money while finding out there is no chemistry between you. With a quick video chat you can gauge someone's personality and find out whether or not you should be on a real date.

Phone Calls

Most people don't like giving out their phone number on a dating site. That's why we allow virtual in-app phone calls to be made between Amours without giving out your phone number! Think of us as the Skype or WhatsApp of the dating world.

No Unwanted Messages

With our unique "Heart" feature, unless both parties push each others' hearts, they cant instant chat, video chat, or phone call each other. This will eliminate a flooded inbox with unwanted emails!

Account & Support

There are plenty of options in your account settings to customize your presence and privacy. We also offer support any time you need it. We take pride in offering an extremely secure and private experience so that you can focus on the most important!

Additionally, we will be releasing a new version with features you can "unlock" that will make your experience on Instamour that much more fun! We have tested dozens of the most popular dating websites and mobile apps to see what they were doing wrong. And it was always the same things in each one. We have taken those problems and eilminated them, while replacing them with simple solutions to make your dating experience much simpler and personal.


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