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Main Features

Why Instamour is so awesome!

Video Profiles

See & hear people before chatting or meeting to get to know their personality!

Instant Chat

Emailing back and forth sucks. Instantly chat with other people in real time!

Search by Interests

Now you can meet new people who like #dogs, #wine, #movies, #hiking, #anything!

Zero Discrimination

Instamour loves everyone, we support every ethnicity, religion, and gender!


Packed with features you will love!

Video Profiles

See and hear people.

Choose Interests

Filter videos based on #anything.

Friends List

Your very own buddy list.

Live Chat

Just like all your favorite chat apps.

Send Intro Videos

Introduce yourself via video message.

All Genders

Choose any gender to talk to.

Earn Cred / Money

Earn cred to spend or keep money.

Video Chat

Have live video chats with people.

Member Profiles

Learn a little more about people.

Daily Questions

Answer daily video questions to earn more cred.


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Instamour is live on the App Store!


If you have any questions or comments please contact us!

Philadelphia, PA. 19136

(215) 396-8577