Hire a Heartbreaker to end things.
Choose from two options.

Do you need to give someone their $h*t back?
Or do you need an emergency one night stand removal?

Why is Hrtbrkrs so awesome?

We are offering the first BaaS "Breakup as a Service" on the planet! Sure you can send glitter to your enemies, or get a private car with the push of a button. But what if you need to break up with someone and give them their stuff back without any confrontation or arguments?

Easy to Use

Just pick one of two options, answer a few questions, pay a fee, and we do the rest.

Peace of Mind

Know that our Heartbreakers feel for you and will do everything they can to make your breakup smooth.

Delivery Services

Our Heartbreakers will also deliver your ex's stuff to them with a message.

Emotional Support

After the breakup, you can hire our Heartbreakers to provide emotional support via a method of your choice.

How it works

Our Pilot program is currently only available in Philadelphia and NYC.
Email us your city to add it to our expanding area.

Choose an option

Either a standard breakup or emergency one night stand.

Fill out the form

Our questionnaire helps us know what type of Heartbreak you need.

Pay the invoice

We will bill you via PayPal, once you pay we assign the Heartbreaker.

Sit back and relax

Let us handle the rest, you can finally take a sigh of relief.

Frequently asked questions

Check out the most common questions we get from our members.

How much does this service cost?

Every order is different and unique. Based on your answers in our order forms we determine the total cost. Obviously, the more options you choose, the more expensive your order will become.

Who will be the Heartbreaker that I hire?

We screen and choose our Heartbreakers one by one and only pick people who fit our criteria. You may choose the gender of your choice, and they will give you the best service and respect.

Some of the options seem a bit expensive, why is that?

Well keep in mind, you are hiring a person to go out of their way, travel, potentially buy something for you at a store, and break up with your soon to be ex. The time and mental stability needed to do this job is pretty extensive. You are paying for time and the ability to perform the breakup as well as stopping at stores to buy things, or carry packages for you.

How quickly will the Heartbreaker perform the break up?

Since we are in a pilot program, right now everything is done manually. So we can't guarantee that the Heartbreaker will be dispatched immediately. But we can say that we do have Heartbreakers on standby and we will do our best to perform the break up on the same day that you order it.



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I couldn't get this guy out of my apartment after a wild night out. I hired a heartbreaker and they sent an angry boyfriend to my place in just 2 hours. The straggler grabbed his clothes and ran out of my place as soon as my "boyfriend" came into the apartment yelling!
Sarah D. - Philadelphia

I really didn't want to break up with my girlfriend because I know how she likes to make a scene. I hired a Heartbreaker to show up to her job with a teddy bear and candy to do it for me. The Heartbreaker told her exactly what I wrote down, and even sent me a video so I could see the break up in action. What a great service!
Nick R., NYC

My boyfriend had become verbally abusive and kind of scared me to the point that I needed to get away from him. The problem was after I broke up with him, I still had his stuff at my place. I hired a Heartbreaker to pick up his stuff and deliver it to his house with a message from me. Needless to say, I haven't heard back from ex ever since. I am recommending Hrtbrkrs to all my friends!
Michelle S., Philadelphia

Hrtbrkrs is genius! I really couldn't handle the guy who stayed at my place after a one night stand. I hired an "angry boyfriend" to come and rescue me. Not only did he rescue me, but I opted for the 1 hour "emotional support", and we ended up getting breakfast together and having a great conversation.
Tony J., NYC

Hire a Heartbreaker

Do you need to give someone their $h*t back?
Or do you need an emergency one night stand removal?

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